Imagine you have made multiple deposits using different payment methods – €20 through a credit card and €200 via Paypal. In total you will have a net deposit value of €20 on your credit card and €200 on Paypal.

You’ve had a successful week on various slots and casino tables and your balance is now €1,000, which is available for you to withdraw whenever you would like. Because this was such a good win, you’d like to withdraw €400 to treat yourself. Withdrawals to Paypal are not possible however until you have first made a withdrawal to your credit card in order to ensure that your net deposit figure is €0.00 on this. That means that you first have to withdraw the €20 you initially deposited via credit card. You will then need to withdraw €200 to your Paypal account, after which you can choose whether to payout the remaining €180 to your visa card or your paypal account as you prefer.