1) The conditions stated in this section refer to all offers which would not be reasonably classified under the different sports categories (Ex. TV Programs, Politics, Awards & Prizes, Beauty Contests, Entertainment and similar). Whenever applicable, and unless otherwise stated in this section or in the offer, settlement of these offers will be based on the Starvegas Rules under <Section B, Para 5>.

2) Unless otherwise specified below or in conjunction with the bet offer, all bets which fall under this section are valid until a result is officially declared regardless of any delays in the announcement, extra voting rounds, etc. which would be needed for the outcome to be announced.

3) All open offers involving participants who withdraw/have been evicted from TV shows (either departing voluntarily or following an organiser’s decision), will be settled as lost. Should the same participant re-enter the same competition at a later date, he/she will be treated as a new contestant thus previous bets will be settled as lost.

4) Bets referring to the removal of a participant are only valid for the next scheduled show. Any changes to the methods of eviction, amount and/or line-up of participants eliminated during the same program, or any other factors which were not reasonably expected will result in the bets referring to "Next eviction" or "Next Elimination" to be voided.

5) In the event of the show terminating before an official winner is declared, bets will be settled as a tie (i.e. dead heat) between the contestants who have not been eliminated. Win/Place bets on contestants who have been already eliminated will be settled as lost.