1) A bet on Basketball is determined on the basis of the Result after the so-called extra (over) time, unless otherwise stated.

2) Bets referring to the match outcome (aka “Moneyline”) from ties which are decided over two or more match-ups will have the “Including Overtime” offer voided in case the match ends in a draw and no further play is done in that particular match.

3) In multiple legged ties, all points collected during any overtime period will count for the final settlement of that particular match.

4) "Head to Head" and “Over/Under” bets involving one or more players’ performance in the match/event/tournament are considered valid given that all listed players take part in the match/event/tournament at some stage for bets to stand.

5) All bets referring to aggregated Tournament Totals (such as Points, Rebounds, Assists, etc.) will be settled based on official statistics by the governing association. Unless otherwise stated, cumulative amounts of such bets will include eventual prolongations (e.g. Over Time).