When you receive a bonus, this is listed under 'Bonus' in your gaming account. Log in, click on your user symbol and then on 'Bonus' to see the available bonuses. To convert your bonus into money and then be able to have it paid out as well, you only have to do one thing: play for money!

The bonus conversion in detail:

  • Your bonus amount (such as EUR 50) is automatically divided into smaller units of EUR 10. Each amount has to be played 30 times (such as EUR 500 / 10 = 50 units).
  • With a certain stake total in our games, you can gradually convert these smaller units into money.
  • If you have reached the stake total to be able to convert a bonus unit, the amount is automatically transferred from your bonus balance to your regular balance.
  • You can continue to convert bonus units into money through game stakes until your bonus either
  • has been completed converted into money
  • or its validity date has passed.
  • In both cases, simply transfer the next bonus balance in your bonus list and it is automatically divided into smaller units as before.
  • You can have only one bonus campaign active at a time. Other campaigns will be queued up.
  • The remaining bonus and the winnings in bonus money (not converted) will disappear if you request a payout.